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The benefits to having uniforms should not be underestimated!

Packaging Labels

Uniforms helps to create a positive first impression, your employees look clean and groomed, and your customers will easily distinguish between employees and other customers. Customers like to be able to point to someone they can turn to for assistance without too much trouble. Wearing a uniform proudly can also promote a sense of team in the work place. It contributes to camaraderie. Remember that all your staff is coming together at the place of work from different backgrounds, having a uniform helps to level out minor class differences.

Uniforms advertise your business, not just what you do but also what your vibe is, whether you are very high-end in the food industry, or if you are a friendly local bakery, your colour, style and overall design should reflect this. Not to mention that your employees are now walking billboards for your business.

It is not difficult to cater for varying tastes in style and different positions within a company while still being "uniform "regarding clothing. With a stipulate such as ‘presentable black pants and a neat and clean blue shirt' you are covering good corporate colouring (or your own corporate identity). Then with something as simple as embroidering your company logo and details onto these clothes you already have a perfect uniform that also allows for personal need and expression of individual employees while covering all of the points discussed above. When it comes down to it, what are labels and product packaging, if not uniforms for your product, so that potential clients may recognize what you are offering with ease.

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